Thursday, July 1, 2010

6 Months Going Strong

Hello everyone,
I know it’s been a while since I last wrote but I am Happy to announce that I am 6month Chemical Free and my journey has been a great one. I'm not going to lie its been rough on some days because I really don't know what to do with my hair lol some days I get so lazy that I DON'T want to do anything to it, not even grease it!!! Yea I know how did I not even want to do that simple task. Although I knew going into making the decisions to do the whole natural thing its can be quiet over whelming at time and I feel like I want to slap some relaxer in it (trust me ugh) However, I would NEVER regret my decision in doing so. If you looked at my hair you would think that my hair hasn't grown much in the last 6 months, I DISAGREE because when I comb it out or just stretch it out, it almost double in size. If I were to blow it out you can see the true length. I'm not going to lie I have slack on my regiment a bit and I know that if I were to stick to my regiment my hair would probably NO it would have been much longer than it is now. But I know why I haven't been on my regiment, it’s because I have been staying in Antigua for last 4 months and Antigua is a little bit different than in the states! Some day I want to wash my hair and water is off (government regulating times each area will receive water, but their time schedule is never right) lol which results in me not washing my hair regularly like I normally do. OH WELL as long as it gets washed lol Going natural has made me, no it has FORCED me to see my true beauty and accept all of me NAPPY HEADED and all lol So to all my Natural Hair DIVAS don't get discourage when at things get rough soon your hair will be so long and beautiful that you wishes you would have thought about doing it a long time ago! Till next time
*Double xo*
Natural Luv =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 reasons I Enjoy Being NATURAL and LOVING IT

1o. Hair growth: now that my hair is natural my hair ahs been growing faster than it eve has. I love looking on the growth of my hair. Its been 3 months since my BC and its had grown tremendously.

9. Chemical FREE: Having chemicals in my hair did its justice on my hair. Although my hair was nice when it was relaxed it just feels great to know that my hair can be healthy and beautiful just the way God made it to be.

8. New Products: Since i have gone chemical free its exciting to try new products in my hair and seeing how well it take to my hair. Even the products that they say are for Caucasians. I don't study that because I'm NATURAL!!! That is applied to people who put chemicals in their hairs

7. Accessorizing: I love getting new things to put in my Inny Tinny Winny Afro (ITWA) because my hair is short using accessories just helps put that extra umph in my curly ITWA but its not that INNY lol so its a TWA

6. Time; They say time is of the essence well time for me is nothing now when it comes to my hair. My hair is short so if i get up and i m running late it nothing for me to jump up run some water through it and put a leave-in- conditioner and be out the door! ITWA rocks lol

5. NO wraps: I can be a wild sleeper at night and when i had wraps on i always had to sleep still so that my wrap doesn't come off because that meant waking up blow dry and then pressing it out all because my wrap came off and my hair got messed up yet again. Now i can sleep with out on and sleep as WILD as i want to lol  i just get up run some leave-in- conditioner in it and everything is AOK

4. Conversation Starter: Since my Big Chop (BC) people has asked me questions about what i do as my hair regiment and products that i have used. I love getting new information on what i can use and gaining more knowledge on this hair journey.

3.BLOGGING: I enjoy blogging about natural hair and helping other gain knowledge as i have gained knowledge from other Natural Hair blogger and vloggers, lets no for get those as well!!!

2.H2O: OMG i no longer have to worry about my hair getting wet!!!! I can take a shower without having to avoid water hitting my hair because that means having to pull out the hair dryer to dry it and then the flat iron to press it back down. When it rain all my friends run but i just walk and enjoy the rain. I can also go to the beach and enjoy the salt water rushing through my hair. Why go to the beach and cant get your whole body wet! That's the FUN in going to the beach or even the pool lol and because there's no chemicals i can wet it and not worry about my hair messing up or anything WWOOOOO HHHOOOOOO Gotta Love It!!!

1. SELF LOVE: After cutting my hair I felt like I cut off all the drama and past  struggles in my life and as my hair continues to grow I feel that I'm growing along with my hair. Cutting my hair was like a new start for me. I learn a lot about beauty and natural beauty and learning to love that hair I was born with and acceptance of who I was as a person and not wanting to change what was naturally given to me because its the style or because I feel that in order to be beautiful I had to have a relaxer in order to have “good hair” I have learn to acceptance with my Natural Hair =) 

As always thanks for reading and supporting me on my natural hair journey! What's one thing you enjoy about your natural hair or going natural

*double XO* Natural Luv


Friday, January 15, 2010

My Big Chop

Hey guys this blog is about my journey on going natural! On December 19th, 2009 I finally did it, I cut ALL of my hair. I didn't want to do it, but i was fed up with the state of my hair: short, dry and damaged. Before i cut my hair i spoke with someone and got a consult. lol the next day i was at the barber shop sitting nervously waiting for my turn in the chair. When I finally got in the chair a lady was sitting across from me under the hair dryer and all i saw was her eyes get really big when the barber made his first cut, I almost cried because I couldn't believe that I was really doing this. After all was said and done I got up out of the chair and looked to see my new look. At first, I was thinking OMG i look like a dkye lol what am I going to do get look like a woman? I am not the girliest of girls; trust me I'm not, but I still want to look like one lol

My first two weeks with my short look took everyone to get use to. I got great compliments s about my hair, most people did believe me when I told them what I did and had to send pictures to confirm it lol after browsing a few videos on youtube and speaking with some friends I finally got my hair care regiment on lock!

My Hair Regiment:
Co-Wash every other day
Shampoo once a week ( to clean dirt)

Deep condition once a month with special recipe(in early stages)

Apply leave-in-Conditioner after every wash
Oil my hair every morning and night and apply my special hair grease *will fill you in on my recipe
Wrap hair in silk bonnet or scarf

REMINDER: Find what best works for you

It will be a month on January 19th, 2010 and my hair has had some growth. Now that I found out what works for me I'm sure that my hair will grow even faster now. The picture above is about a week after I cut it off!

I'm glad that I finally made the decision to go natural and I'm sure you will too!
*double xo* Delca J