Friday, August 2, 2013

Back in Acition: Full swing

WOW!!! I seriously can't believe its been this long since my last post! Im sure some are wondering what happened to Naturalluv! Well folks its a long story which is why I am taking this time out to say hello and let you know I will be back!

After I made my last post a lot has happened with my life. I moved twice and received several promotions. After I obtained my 4th promotion at my company my time was limited. I was up at 4:30 in the morning and home by 3-5pm each night, sometime later. On my days off I would sleep and sleep! I was too drained to do anything. This was becoming a problem for me. I thought chasing hours and working my butt off would make me happier, financially, but it didn't. So lately I have pulled back and since then I have been able to do more. You will see more post from not only my blog but on my youtube channel as well. I have so much in stored and now with all this extra time I can do what I love doing, sharing information with all of you!. Stay tuned for my first vid in over a year on Monday on my flat twist bantu knot, twist out!

Well it's time for me to go. See everyone around folks!!! =)

A.K.A Natty Luv