Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tools of the Trade

When you become a follower of the Healthy Hair Movement there are a few things that are essential to our survival!!! We need the proper tools to maintain our lovely locks. It can be overwhelming when it comes to what you should have. Over the past 2 years I have gone through countless items brushes, combs, shampoos, conditioners to name a few. Now that I am well closing in on year 2 I have came up with the MAIN Tools that every person should have.

IMAG0689Brush: There are two kinds of brushes bristled and vented that I use. I use a bristled brush when I want to smooth out my hair to achieve a slicked down style. I use a vented brush when I am going to straighten my hair out and need to ensure that I can blow out my hair properly or I use the vented brush when I want to detangle a section before I use the bristled brush. One last brush I use is an applicator brush. Yes something that you use to put in a relaxer. You may ask why? I use this brush when I do my Deep Conditioning. I am able to get to each strand of hair for complete coverage. Try it sometime!!!!


IMAG0690Combs: Comb's are essential as if you already don’t know that! Combs help us part/section off parts of our hair. There are about three kinds that I use. I have a wide tooth comb, big tooth and a medium size tooth comb.each serve as steps to the detangling process. You don’t want to have any fine tooth comb’s because that can break you hair off as the hair catches in the fine tooth. Most black women own a rat tail comb. If you didn’t have a any other comb you had a rat tailed one. With natural hair rat tail comb is not what you need to use. You will cause unnecessary damage to your hair.

IMAG0684Clips: As your hair gets longer you will defiantly need clips. I use plastic clips. Metal clips tend to catch in your hair and also that can break you hair off.  We defiantly don’t want that. So if you use metal clips be carful when taking them out.




IMAG0685Pins: Pins are great when styling your hair. I try to keep away from pins with out the plastic tip. Once my pins protective tip is gone I push them to the side. With out the tip at the end of the pin it can cause unnecessary breakage. Remember our goal is to grow hair not break it. So your tools must be hair friendly.

IMAG0687Pin without a protective tip



Head ties/hair ties: I have LOTS of head ties. During my middle stage of my natural hair journey I utilized these ALL the time. It was a “tool” I used when I didn’t want to do IMAG0692my hair or when I needed to run out of the house I can take a head ties and put y hair up in a cute afro puff. There are two kinds that I have, elastic ones and cloth ones that I made out of strips of an old shirt.  If you use the elastic ones Goody’s have the ouchless ones. The head ties with the metal can cause breakage because your hair can get caught in the metal part. Same things goes when you use ponytail ties. Be smart and get the ouchless ones. We defiantly don’t want any snags.



IMAG0662This is my typical lazy hair doo!!! Head band rocking cute tight curly fro =)






I hope you were able to learn something new today til we meet again,

Natural Luv

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