Tuesday, October 18, 2011


In this day and age with the economy the way it is, everyone is looking for a good deal. With the additions of Groupon, Scoutmob, Half Off Depot, and now Amazon everyone is trying to ball on a budget. Well my friends I have a good one for you. It's called Delta Dining. I normally talk about natural hair but I love sharing any information such as this!!!
You might ask what is this program all about? Well let me shed some light. Delta Dining is a rewards program you can join to get Delta Skymiles while you are dining out. First, sign up with Delta Skymiles as a member (free membership). Next, you head over to Delta Dining and register your Skymiles account. Then, you register ANY cards (debit and/or credit) you have. It doesn't matter how many you have just register them. This way when you go out you can never miss out on earning miles. Finally, once you are registered and squared away head over to any participating restaurants and start earning miles. I started this program back in January of 2011 and already I have over 3,000 Skymiles that can go towards a Delta flight! Now isn't that grand!?!?!!!!

Normally in order to even qualify to get Skymiles you have to have a Delta Skymiles credit card. Now lets be honest, who can even qualify for a regular credit card in this day and age. Hey, if you can get a regular Delta Skymiles credit card then go for it!!!! For those who just want to rack up on miles without any interest and fees then Sky Dining is your best bet. You have a chance to receive up to 5 miles for every dollar you spend, and that includes the tip!!! Another good thing about Delta Dining are their promotions. Sometimes you will see promotions where if you spend a certain amount of money during a period of time they will add miles to your account. This can range from 500 to 1000 or even more.

I signed up for Delta Dining in December of 2010 but I didn't start using it until January when I received an email after I went restaurant next to my job. That's when I realized that they were on the Delta Dining list. As I went out around the city I noticed I kept getting more emails to do surveys. Since January I have over 3,000 miles. I recently took a trip to Miami and racked up on miles as well.

Another benefit of Delta Skymiles/Dining is that you get weekly specials and weekend specials to fly to the destination they have listed. Be sure to put your state as your departure state so they can send you deals leaving out of that state. I was able to get a round trip ticket from Atlanta to Miami for $151 (taxes and fees included in price). You know the program is legit because when you log into your Delta Skymiles account you see the miles transfer over from your Delta Dining account. That was the first thing I looked into after I received my first few survey emails. I have told a few of my friends and they love the program. You will be surprised how many restaurants participate!!! So if you are already going out for the evening, meeting up with friends, meeting with a client, or just out and about you might as well find a participating restaurant and earn some miles!!!!

So you have all the information now go and get cracking and rack up on miles while filling your stomach. What!! We all got to eat =)
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  1. Thanks for the info!! You rock!!

  2. My Pleasure!!! I love Sharing good information like this. I'm trying to rack up points to go home next year Antigua HERE I COME!!!!!